Wonder struck

It’s been dry around here lately. Like desert dry. But while I know God brought me into this spiritual wasteland for a reason, I think I’ve chosen to hang around longer than necessary.
But I’ve been reading Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck and it has encouraged me to pray again for wonder at God and all He is. In fact I prayed for pixie dust (words from the book). That God would show up and wow me in the days ahead. That my heart would again curl with the trill of wonder at my Lord’s majesty.
It worked.

photo 2
Why did I think He wouldn’t do this for me if I asked? That He who sprinkles stars across the sky and freckles across my face wouldn’t care to open my eyes to see the things He’s already always doing.
This is only a beginning, wrought by a whispered prayer, a walk in the sunrise, and a trip to the beach with my roommate.
Not without some nerves a couple weeks ago, I started the 365 Challenge from More Than Four Walls
It’s a challenge to read the Bible in a year, but starting Sept. 1, rather than Jan. 1.

photo 3

I was afraid that I would see the words on the page but not hear them echo in my heart, which has happened to me for much of the last few months.
But instead….wonder!
Here are a few Wonderstruck moments from that first day of Bible reading:
Genesis 1:4 (NLT) What was it like before God separated light from darkness with day and night? I’m thinking of a crazy Dr. Who scene where you literally come to the edge of light and there is darkness. For no reason. And with nothing apparent to separate them. We have no concept of that craziness because God made order out of that chaos. So we’ve never seen that kind of utter lack of order. It’s not even in our vocabulary.

V7 God did some basics that I take for granted. He called the space “sky.” Also I take it for granted that seed bearing plants produce seeds that produce plants of the same kind (v. 11) But God didn’t.

V 21 God created not just great sea creatures but “every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water. Like this guy, who I spent a lot of time avoiding stepping on last night on the beach after the sun went down!

photo 1

V 27 “the first poetry of Genesis reflectively celebrates God’s climactic feat in creating humankind” says my study Bible. (NLT) The beach makes me feel so small and unimportant, yet we are the climax. A soul that can reflect. That can be awed and wonder at the goodness of everything God has made.

2:23 “Adam recognized the woman as a “helper just right for him.” His celebration of her in poetry and song observed his unity with her, not their distinctions.” (again from my study Bible). Note the second poetry in the Bible is about us women. Smiles.

Mt 1:17 all these names preserved all this time through all kinds of national crises, war, captivity, and near-genocide. And the sum up isn’t why it’s important, but a bunch of numbers that admittedly tickle my OCD fancy with their order. And then it hits me- order! A study Bible note on Genesis mentioned how God took the chaos and created order. And here’s a nation craving and celebrating order in their history, even amidst much chaos. So maybe that’s why God gave me OCD: to help me appreciate the order He’s created everywhere.

V 24 Joseph’s immediate response to the angel reminds me if how immediately creation responded to God’s creative commands. After His commands it keeps saying, “and that is what happened.” It seems so simple. I want to respond this simply and willingly to God in my life.


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