Cravings…it would have to be Cravings!


Well I did it! First full day of this eating challenge and not too shabby. I’m still finishing a more processed carton of almond milk and am not sure where my current turkey and cheese fall on the spectrum, but as far as my knowledge stretches I had a good unprocessed day!


I even carried it through an invite by good friends at the office to walk down to where the food trucks gather on Thursdays. I oh so needed the fellowship and a step out of my office, away from my screen, and into the October sunshine. But no food truck food for me, not even the dairy free sorbet which was a tempting option. I just took my salad-in-a-jar with me and calmly answered questions about where I’d gotten it when we all settled down to eat. I started by talking about budget things but finally explained the unprocessed thing. I was afraid to do that, afraid that they wouldn’t understand or would somehow make me into a big health nut (which couldn’t be further from the truth.) But mostly what I got was polite interest and moving on to other subjects.



But that moment’s struggle where I could taste the pear sorbet from Jenni’s ice cream cooling my throat in the Afternoon heat revealed what will doubtless be my biggest struggle this month: cravings.


It hit again around 1:30 when up until Yesterday I’ve been having a bag of microwave popcorn nearly every day. Popcorn can be a healthy snack (not as healthy from the bag) but every day? Hmmm. Definitely enough to teach my body to crave a salty, crunchy, blood sugar rush every day at mid afternoon.

Instead I had string cheese (it was my last packet I promise), roasted chickpeas, the last of a bag of grapes and a banana and peanut butter. I was sooo hungry! But at least I managed to avoid popcorn. And M&Ms from the office next door, my other emergency ration in times of blood sugar distress.

After supper, which was a scrambled egg with cheese and tomatoes, I really craved peanut butter and chocolate chips, a staple dessert I’ve been having more often than I realized lately. That is until I craved it. But I left my unprocessed peanut butter at work and the chocolate chips I have now a re off limits.

So I made myself another egg and cleaned house over an episode of Dr. who in preparation for my guests who are coming tomorrow. Can’t wait to show you the Autumn Harvest Soup I make for them!

What are your solutions for overcoming unhealthy food cravings?


One thought on “Cravings…it would have to be Cravings!

  1. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers this summer. One of the things I learned there was to eat a fruit or veggie w/every meal or snack. Thinking this way has helped me stay full on healthier foods. Although I admit to indulging a craving now and then. 🙂 The other thing that has helped me was learning to ask, “Do I really want this? Is it worth it to me now?” Sometimes the answer is “yes,” but I’m surprised how often it’s “no.”


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