This Week’s Plan


So I’m discovering quickly that if I don’t have a well ahead of time plan, my body, and usual habits, and cravings, and desire to conform to others around me take over. That’s true of eating unprocessed, and it’s true of finding time in my schedule to blog every day. That’s why even though I didn’t have a thing on my schedule yesterday, I completely forgot to write a blog post. I remembered just before bed and thought I could read a minute and then do it, but of course I fell asleep instead. So I’ve made a meal and snack plan for the week. And because I don’t have evening time really at all this week, I plan to do blogs on my breaks during work this week, whether during morning break, lunch break, or afternoon break.

So here’s my food plan. For more protein at lunch at snacks so I don’t get so hungry between snack/lunch/snack, I boiled eggs. And since I’ll need to eat on the go Monday and Tuesday nights, I made two salads in a jar, so they’ll travel.

I made pumpkin/chocolate/peanut butter no bake cookies. Mmmm. I did that before church’s Awesome Autumn celebration this afternoon so that I could have some chocolate before going into the den of temptation called “handling the prize bucket full of candy.”

I was super excited to get my first full box from NatureBox yesterday. I tried a sample box last month and enjoyed it a lot. But it was just samples. This is a full box of five bags of snacks! Almost all of them would qualify except that only one is free of cane sugar. I think I understood that sugar is totally off the menu for this month, but I’m going to do a little more research before I shut these down completely since NatureBox is known for using quality, good-for-you ingredients. But I won’t open them until I know for sure.  I can always eat them in November!

Since I won’t be home to be fixing lunches really any night this week, I went ahead and made these little frittatas this evening. That went surprisingly quickly and should get me through three days. I’m hoping I’ll get more salad greens from my CSA tomorrow that will take me through Thursday and Friday, lunch and dinner are taken care of. More on that later! (p.s. I’m really excited!)
Here’s a picture of the yummy Masa Crisps I can eat from NatureBox. I also took them to Awesome Autumn so I wouldn’t be in danger of candy sampling when I got tired or hungry. That turned out to be a solid choice.

I wish I’d done this stuff yesterday. That would’ve been a good thing, because then I wouldn’t have been doing it at 9-10 p.m. tonight and I wouldn’t be writing this at 11:54 p.m.

That was my responsibility and I didn’t get it done. I want this war between my desire to do things and my follow through to stop. I want to take control of my time. So I’m going to bed now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Possibly before you even get a chance to read this because hopefully I’ll write on my morning break. I’m a little discouraged now, I didn’t mean to end on such a downer. This food planning may have kept me up late, but it’s going to put me in a better stead for this week and that’s a positive change to my life. I actually invested time in planning ahead and it’s going to pay off. I’m hanging on to that.


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