Snowy Day


Waking up late and freaking out is not conducive to calm and reflective dog walking. And calm reflective dog walking is the thing I’ve been most desiring to cultivate lately. With Ginger, my first foster dog from MTGRR, I noticed that walking produced a lot of time to reflect and pray. More on that soon.IMG_2531.JPG

But Willow, my current 11 month old golden provides the opposite of calm and reflection. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fantastic dog. In fact, I imagine she’ll go down in history as one of my all time favorites because of the time and energy and hearth I’ve thrown into her. But she’s not easy to take care of. In fact she takes about all I’ve got at the moment. I’ll do a separate post on her soon as well. IMG_2530.JPG

So this morning I was ready for another strained walk around the neighborhood before delivering her to what I’m calling puppy preschool. She was doing pretty well in the walking department though so I had a chance to look at the sky. And there was something…odd. About the clouds, about the light. Something. IMG_2526.JPG

Then I looked at the tops of the cars and I realized…SNOW! EEP!IMG_2532.JPGIt may be November and it may be the South. But we can still have some snow! And in the crystal clear quality of the air, and the extra bright, sharpness of the cold itself as it worked it’s way into my bones, I felt for a moment that winter isn’t so bad after all.


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