Two Companions

Wow, so yesterday I sat down to tell you about a couple new things I’m excited to be trying out right now, and instead wound up in a way deeper than intended reflection.

I don’t regret that! But I did mean to tell you about the two companions walking this journey with me right now. This is not an advertising post, and I’m not being compensated at all to talk about these two programs. They’re just things that are helping me in this new chapter.

Stuff that’s saving my life, if you will.

I landed with these companions after some prayer and some thought about what the major casualties of my recent have been. It’s pretty easy. The two biggest ones are spiritual depth and closeness with God, and order in my life, and the two companions match up.

1. The Restore Workshop.


This workshop has been recommended by several bloggers I respect. The focus is on recovering from burnout, and when I first saw it I knew I had to be a part of it. This is a 7.5 week online retreat with devotions, essays, podcasts and more to help women find their way out of burnout and focus on rest and peace and Christ in the Lenten season. Being Baptist, Lent is relatively new to me, and the few years I’ve tried it have been seasons of giving up. This year it’s a joy to add something so wonderful instead. It may be to the exclusion of some other things, but that in itself should add joy.

2. The Power Productivity Program


A friend put me onto this program. She’s worked with Alejandra Costello and highly recommended this organizing course from some behind the scenes glimpses she’s seen. We talked it over a few times and we both wound up signing up for it. I’m excited about that because that means we can encourage each other as we go through it! I enrolled earlier this week to take advantage of a Valentine’s day sale she had going, but I haven’t started it yet more than watching a few intro videos. That’s ok because it’s a self-paced program and my purchase gives me lifetime access. First I have to get my workbook printed out and ready to go in a binder. I’m so excited about what I’ve seen of the first module, though, as it is all about getting to the root of your clutter and disorganization problem. What is causing me to be this way? What allowed me to life with a literal pile of clutter in the middle of my bedroom floor for two months without cleaning it up? You think I’m kidding, but you didn’t see it. I’m really excited to get going!

So like I said this is absolutely not an advertising post. But I am enjoying both of these programs and highly recommend them so far. If you decide to check them out or get involved, I’d love to hear about it! We could share the journey, which always helps both journeyers. Thanks for sharing in my journey just by reading.


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